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(Sr. Director of Strategy / Director of Merchandising / Market Manager)

Chris MarcheskieChris Marcheskie - Store Manager at Walmart

I have seen many examples of great leadership. What separates the truly successful from the rest is how important they feel their contributions are to the goals of the corporation. Amine always kept this in mind as he motivated my management team to implement plans that not only met but exceeded company goals. He is a credit to his profession—true professional. The most important aspects of Amine as a leader is that he is a man of integrity and builds trust among his team.
July 13, 2013, Chris reported to Amine at Walmart

James V. Covey III, MBA, CCEP, CBMJames V. Covey III, MBA, CCEP, CBM - Director, Regulatory Compliance at Green Dot Corporation

I was fortunate enought to work along aside Amine as a peer on the Divisional Leadership Team. I found Amine to be extremely knowledgeable about the retail business and really appeciated his passion for collaboration and developing leaders for success. He has a tremendous skill on effectively analyzing the business and presenting his findings and proposed solutions in a very clear and concise way. Amine adds value to any team he is on and is one of the most professional leaders I've had the pleasure to meet.

June 19, 2013, James V. worked directly with Amine at Walmart

Billy Link Jr.Billy Link Jr. - Director of Central Operations - Walmart U.S.

Amine as a Market Manager for Walmart was a true value added resource! Amine is a talented business professional who understands that his position in the company is a vital link between the field and the home office. Amine has an extremely high business acumen, and leverages that through his direct and matrix subordinates. What I most liked about Amine was his willingness to serve those around him and make them better in any way that he could!

July 7, 2013, Billy reported to Amine at Wal-Mart
Tiwan K. Speakes, Sr.Tiwan K. Speakes, Sr. - District Manager Marshalls

I had the extreme pleasure in working with Amine in the Southern Ohio Region as peers at Walmart. Amine has the passion to win and the dedication to achieve great results. Amine has a great desire for success of which a quality can not be denied. Amine has been a great partner and I appreciate his drive and motivation.

May 26, 2012, Tiwan K. worked directly with Amine at Wal-Mart
Dan Best, PHRDan Best, PHR - Senior Director, Human Resources at AutoNation - aligning human capital with business needs - since 2001! -

Amine made a difference the day he joined the Walmart organization. Bringing with him vast knowledge and understanding of process improvement, leading hi performance teams and creating strategies moved the organization to the next level. He immediately showed transformation results by executing strategic initiatives and continues to grow talent to support the growth today. Amine brought a refreshing strategic approach to the business and he is a leader that you want leading your organization. His leadership strength is a competitive advantage, I strongly recommend him

October 23, 2011, Dan worked with Amine at Wal-Mart

Sears Holding Corporation / K-Mart

District Manager

Randy BallRandy Ball - Store Manager at Sears Holdings Corporation

Dr. Amine Ayad is a fantastic and charismatic leader with a wealth of experience in retail management. I reported directly to him while at Kmart Corp. and we built a strong working relationship that produced fantastic results both in the unit I managed and throughout the district in which he managed.

November 30, 2012, Randy reported to Amine at Sears Holdings Corporation
Charles WiltshireCharles Wiltshire - District Manager

I learned much from Amine during our time together at SHC. He was a mentor that I gained much knowledge from. His business and financial insights and acumen helped my career growth and path.

May 6, 2012, Charles worked directly with Amine at Sears Holdings Corporation

.David J. DisqueDavid J. Disque - District Manager

Amine's leadership skills were always apparent in our group. His presentations were lively and informative. He continually improved on a performance record of successful sales and profit accomplishments in a challenging market enviroment. His stragic thought process was equally matched by his ability to motivate his store teams to consistently execute the day to day priorities. Amine Ayad would be an asset to any company or business.

December 11, 2010, David worked directly with Amine at Sears Holdings Corporation
Matt SamsMatt Sams - Deputy Director, SABRS Division at Headquarters Marine Corps Technology Services Organization

Dr. Amine represents a truly rare and effective blend of strategic planning and tactical action. Gifted with a remarkable ability to apply the most esoteric of concepts in the most practical of ways Dr. Amine is truly a change agent without peer. The insight, guidance, and solutions he provides to the individuals he manages and the organizations he oversees produces lasting and spectacular results.

September 4, 2009, Matt worked directly with Amine at Sears Holdings Corporation
Mike SmithMike Smith - Regional Director Of Human Resources at Kmart Corporation

Dr. Amine is a great teacher and coach to his team. Amine has approached his responsibility with confidence and patience supporting his team as they continue to improve daily.

August 30, 2009, Mike worked directly with Amine at Sears Holdings Corporation


Home Depot

District Manager / Store Manager / Store Leadership Manager

Rebecca RodriguezRebecca Rodriguez - Regional Human Resources Manager

Amine's ability to formulate, communicate and execute a strategic plan to almost any situation was a breath of fresh air in the big box environment and to our Region. He had incredibly high personal standards and inspired others to achieve greatness. He was able to hold others accountable for results in a way that brought the team together; and used this approach to help new leaders grow and develop.

Rebecca worked directly with Amine at Home Depot

Ron HenleinRon Henlein - Director, Corporate/Community Partnerships at People Working Cooperatively, Inc.

I had the sincere pleasure of working with Dr. Amine Ayad as District Manager at The Home Depot. Amine is a superb enterpreneuer who understands financing, marketing and the technologies necessary for business success. Amine is an astute businessman who has enormous capacity for critical thinking across boundaries and was always available for consultation to those in need of connection or advice.

July 22, 2011, Ron worked directly with Amine at Home Depot
Aubrey PittsAubrey Pitts - Retail Management Executive

Dr. Ayad is an educator, he achieves outstanding results through his ability to inspire others to act and commitment to building relationship I have grown as a leader under his guidance and direction.

March 28, 2010, Aubrey reported to Amine at Home Depot
Nadia King, PHRNadia King, PHR - Senior Director of Human Resources at Glanbia 

Amine is an exceptionally intelligent, thoughtful, and strategic leader. He leads by example and is a highly effective trainer and communicator. As a District Manager, Amine was not only successful in developing his direct reports through training, empowerment and accountability, but he was also very influential with his peers. Amine was regularly sought out by fellow district leaders and company executives because of his innovative thinking, critical problem solving ability, and acute understanding of business. I would welcome the opportunity to work again with Amine in any capacity.

January 6, 2010, Nadia worked with Amine at Home Depot

Peter VernonPeter Vernon - General Manager at Freud Canada Inc.

Amine is a resourceful individual with an excellent vision of both short and long term goals. His a bility to connect the analytical and real life parts of business makes him an excellent leader.

December 29, 2009, Peter worked directly with Amine at Home Depot
Trevor LovigTrevor Lovig - Vice President Human Resources

Amine is a rare leader - inspirational, exceptionally bright, inclusive, and driven to achieve results. I would love the opportunity to work with Amine again in any type of scenario.

November 28, 2008, Trevor worked directly with Amine at Home Depot

Stuart CroallStuart Croall - Researcher, writer and policy analyst

I worked with Amine from the openning of a new Home Depot store, both as an Inventory Management Associate and Department Supervisor. It was remarkable to see how Amine approached retail management. Not only was he able to step back and look analytically at the challenge of continually improving sales, profits and operations, but he was equally able to engage with Associates through coaching, mentoring and inspiring leadership.

The fact that he got me - generally more committed to social and political change than retail sales - jazzed about selling and serving customers speaks highly to his abilities as an inspiring leader.

June 18, 2010, Stuart worked indirectly for Amine at The Home Depot
Simon RodrigueSimon Rodrigue - SVP eCommerce at Walmart Canada

Amine was part of wave 1 of the Store Leadership Program at Home Depot Canada and his leadership, innovation and ability to move the business forward was recognized by everyone. Amine has the ability to quickly distill the complex workings of a retail organization, understand where improvements can be made and then drive executional excellence. Amine also has the great combination of a strong analytics and business background coupled with a natural ability to lead. Never satisfied with the status quo he is constantly driving improvements in the business and the people below around him. I truly enjoyed the projects and interactions I had with him.

September 6, 2009, Simon worked directly with Amine at The Home Depot

Academic / Colorado Technical University & Bellevue University

Carol FolzCarol Folz - Contractor at Kforce Inc.

Dr. Amine Ayad is an excellent scholar and an accomplished author. He brings knowledge and understanding to anything that he does. I highly recommend Dr. Amine Ayad.

December 29, 2009, Carol studied with Amine at Colorado Technical University
Clinton MossClinton Moss - Student at Colorado Technical University

Over the past four years, I have collaborated with Dr. Amine on various research projects. The experience was intellectually enriching! He showed he was a self-starter and an inspirational leader. Whenever a spokesperson was required for our cohort or groups, he confidently stepped forward and assumed the positions and the responsibilities that accompanied them. His groups exceeded their established objectives because he knows success is a team effort. He has the ability to get group members involved so that everyone learns and grows academically and professionally from research assignments. He is an outstanding communicator! Consequently, he is able to articulate his ideas verbally and in written form coherently. His polished communications set the academic standard for our cohort. He is conscientious, tireless, and preserving.

December 27, 2009, Clinton studied with Amine at Colorado Technical University
Dr. Michael RabieDr. Michael Rabie - CEO at Westchase Holding Corporation

During the last three years, I was a student at CTU with Dr. Amine Ayad. His dedication and leadership during our group projects were inspiring and a tremendous help to our cohort. He demonstrated mastery in Retail Business Management. I feel confident that Dr. Ayad will continue to succeed in his career; his drive and abilities will truly be an asset to any project he might be engaged in. Amine has been an asset to our cohort and a great friend to me. It is both my privilege and honor to recommend Dr. Ayad.

September 16, 2009, Dr. Michael studied with Amine at Colorado Technical University

Dr. Aikyna FinchDr. Aikyna Finch - Assistant Dean of Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences at Strayer University

Over the last three years Amine has made a great impact on our cohort. He is known for having great knowledge, participation and guidance. I find him to be a impressive individual and it was my honor to study with him.

January 11, 2009, Dr. Aikyna studied with Amine at Colorado Technical University

Dr. Grady Batchelor, CMC®Dr. Grady Batchelor, CMC® - Associate Vice President, Center for Teaching and Learning at American Public University System, Fellow of the RSA 

During the last three years I have come to know Amine as a results driven professional who demonstrates exceptional business acumen and a keen ability to lead people. It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Amine.

November 24, 2008, Dr. Grady studied with Amine at Colorado Technical University

Dr. Tiffany Yates PhD, PMPDr. Tiffany Yates PhD, PMP - VP Human Capital Strategy at Dale Carnegie Training of Georgia / Adjunct Doctoral Professor

Dr. Ayad is a professor focuses on student success evident by his ability to leverage business savvy techniques into a positive learning environment. His teaching style encourages others to professionally develop in areas of strategy, innovation, leadership, and organizational change. Dr. Ayad is a pinnacle example of what it means to be a practitioner - scholar.

December 2, 2014, Dr. Tiffany Yates managed Amine at Colorado Technical University & Bellevue University

Retail Industry1992 to 2013 TrendsRetail & EthicsDr. Ayad's Research InterestsExcerpt from The Inclusive LeaderDr. Ayad's QuotesAbout Dr. AyadContact MeRecommendationsPhotos